Selling Tips

1. Competition: Buyers will compare and interpret value based on other available

2. Timing: Market conditions change and cannot be manipulated. An effective marketing plan and pricing strategy must take these conditions into account.

3. Condition: Property condition directly affects the price and speed of the sale.

4.Tidy Up: Eliminating clutter will make your property feel larger and brighter. Prospective buyers can explore it comfortably and envision it with their own personal touches.

5. Repair: If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are buyers will too. Making certain repairs will allow you to present your property in a better light and to its value.

6. Final Price: In the end it’s the market place that will determine the price. We as real estate professionals will use all of our experience and data to calculate where we think the property will sell but ultimately the market may feel that the price should be higher or lower.